Directions to Your Dream 📍

You deserve career guidance that leads to an opportunity.

There is no shortage of information when it comes to finding your dream career.

From courses and boot camps to gurus and job boards, it's all out there.

Nothing connects the career search journey. Nothing gives you an actual map.

You deserve Directions to Your Dream, no matter what your dream is.

That's why Waymarker was created, to be your career GPS.

Here's what we do.

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> Free Job Board [Find your dream job in tech sales or support]

Here's what we stand for.

Most of my life, I've felt unqualified and misunderstood.

What a punk-rock thing to say, right?

In the workplace especially, though, I've been motivated by the underdog story.

I'll spare you my life story for now, but in 2020, I resolved to "arm the underdogs."

That resolution started with research. And, like any good researcher, I joined Reddit.

My research led me to  career advice groups, and that's where my lightbulb moment occurred.

I was shocked by two things:

  1. Most people are confused about their career paths and truly feel lost.
  2. Most career advice is bad and especially on social media.

There was an opportunity to unbundle platforms like this.

I landed on the rallying cry and mission, "to give you directions to your dream."

Waymarker was born, a symbol or signpost marking the route of a footpath.

-- Jimmy, Founder of Waymarker