Research Consultant and Subject Matter Expert | Waymarker Podcast

Cassi Friday is a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Kentucky Department of Physiology, Content Developer and Subject Matter Expert at Freedom Learning Group, and currently working toward a Physiology PhD at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. From research to program management, Cassi has held several positions in the worlds of medicine and academia – including a two-year stint in Korea working for the Army Substance Abuse Program. She’s won many awards, earned many certificates, published and reviewed several manuscripts, been invited to speak at several events, and is a member of nearly 15 organizations and associations. No introduction would do Cassi Friday justice, so I’ll list more information in her episode description and show notes. Cassi and I met while studying at Hanover College. In fact, I’m pretty sure Cassi was the first-ever person I met at Hanover besides a few football guys from high school.

Waymarker, please welcome Cassi Friday!

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