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Corry Stewart is the Director of Admissions and Football Co-Defensive Coordinator at Lipscomb Academy, a renowned private, college-prep school in Nashville, Tennessee serving students from pre-k to 12th grade. In his admissions role, Corry leads a team to engage with new and current families involving their enrollment status, the admissions process, and personal experiences. In his football role, Corry serves as the Co-Defensive Coordinator and coaches the defensive secondary. A three-time state champion and five-time state runner-up (including for the 2020 season), Lipscomb Academy's football program identifies itself as a "human development program" masked as a football team. A graduate of Hanover College, where he and I met as teammates on the football team, Corry was a standout student, community member, and multi-sport athlete. Corry was a football, track, and basketball student-athlete and was named All-Conference in both football and track - earning the title of NCAA All-American in football for D3 and Associated Press Little American for D2, NAIA and D3. Additionally, he was awarded the NCAA D3 football statistical champion for interceptions per game. While a student at Hanover College, Corry played a significant role in pursuing and changing the culture and diversity of the college while coordinating efforts with the former president Sue DeWine. After graduation, Corry accepted a contract to play in the German Football League for a year. Upon returning state-side, he played two years of arena football for the Cincinnati Commandos and two years for the Nashville Venom - winning three championships during his tenure with both teams. Corry is a team leader and developer of people in the workplace, on the football field, and in the arena of life. I met Corry as a freshman at Hanover College where he was one year my senior. My memory of Corry during that time and those following years was that he made every new student feel welcome and went out of his way to onboard us into the Hanover community. In many ways, he still does this today for the students and families of Lipscomb Academy.

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