Heart by Waymarker: Network Director of Patient Experience | Waymarker Podcast

Heart by Waymarker is a monthly special about healthcare career journeys.

Sarah Rankin currently serves Community Health Network as Network Director of Patient Experience. Committed to making healthcare more understandable and continual improvement, Sarah is a certified Project Management Professional, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Master Change Management, and Kata Coach. In her almost nine years at Community Health Network, Sarah has served in roles like Epic Application Analyst and Performance Excellence Consultant, in addition to her current role leading patient experience. Sarah earned her BA in Psychology from Hanover College and MBA in Healthcare Management from WGU. In my research, I found this excerpt from a provider recommendation: “Ambitious, hard-working, and enthusiastic are just a few words to describe Sarah…each day she comes to work with a smile on her face ready to take on numerous challenging projects across our Network.” Sarah’s success is no surprise, as you will learn after listening to this conversation.

Her appearance as the first guest on Heart by Waymarker is very intentional; patient experience is at the heart of healthcare no matter what career journey we are discussing. I wanted to start these special talks about healthcare careers by taking a holistic and end-to-end view of the healthcare experience. That experience begins well before and continues well after the delivery of medical services. Waymarker, meet my friend Sarah Rankin!

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