SaaS Customer Success Leader | Waymarker Podcast

Ali Gaumnitz is Customer Success Manager at ENGAGE, an advanced fintech company for industrial workflows.

Ali has served in several leadership roles within technology companies like Operations Manager, Customer Advocate Manager, and Recruiter. Prior to her career in tech, Ali had a successful career in retail management -- working for some of the largest store brands in the world.

In the workplace, Ali is known for her patience, empathy, and ability to quickly solve problems.

In many ways, I owe Ali my career in tech. She was a part of the hiring group that gave me my first shot at Zen Planner. She trusted me to move from Indiana to Colorado to start a job without having any full-time tech or customer success experience. Then, while at lunch on my first week, she told me the marketing team was hiring a writer and encouraged me to apply.

I've heard many stories like mine about Ali, including from Gabe Anderson on the Waymarker podcast!

Waymarker, meet one of the best models for servant leadership I know, Ali Gaumnitz!

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