❤️ by Waymarker: a podcast special about healthcare career journeys

Waymarker announces "❤️ by Waymarker," a podcast special about healthcare career journeys.

Starting in July 2021, Waymarker will feature a monthly podcast episode interviewing guests who work in healthcare.

These guests will be administrators, nurses, physicians, and any other healthcare professional you can think of.

Our goal is to take a monthly look at the healthcare industry, from the business side and the practice side.

Healthcare is unique, perhaps more than any other industry, in terms of career development.

My wife is a NICU RN, and I've lost count of the times we've identified an interesting difference between my world and her's.

So, it's time to see what those differences are and provide Waymarker community members with a diverse set of experiences.

How to Listen

❤️ by Waymarker will be on our normal channel.

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