Biotechnology and Healthcare Entrepreneur | Waymarker Podcast

An experienced biopharmaceuticals and healthcare leader, Wade Lange is Vice President and Chief Entrepreneurial Officer at Purdue Foundry.

Wade is an executive and entrepreneur known for the ability to build strong relationships and collaborations across organizational boundaries to create solutions to business problems. In addition to his work at Purdue Foundry, Wade owns an advisory service for early stage biopharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Throughout Wade’s career in biopharmaceuticals and healthcare, he has served in such roles as President, CEO, COO, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, General Manager, Executive Vice President, and multiple Board Member positions.

A West Lafayette native, Wade completed his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and Master of Science in Industrial Administration from Purdue University. Wade and his wife, who I hope to have on the podcast too, have been important mentors in my life. I was fortunate to meet Wade in my early 20s, and role models like him helped me understand how the real world worked.

Waymarker, I’m thrilled to welcome my friend and favorite beer-brewing instructor, Wade Lange.

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